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A brief history of bachata by anthropologist Deborah Pacini Hernandez


Interviews and articles on pioneers and entrepreneurs who make the difference on the bachata scene in New York City and worldwide 


Find information about bachata festivals & congresses worldwide

BachataB was founded on May 30th 2013 as a tribute to José Manuel Calderón who exactly 51 years earlier recorded the first bachata in the studios of Radiotelevisión Dominicana with Borracho de Amor and Condena in 1962.

Established in New York City, BachataB captures how bachata has been influenced by the way the metropolis dictates tendencies throughout the world. The community, strong and supportive, shapes and redefines the identity of bachata with a hint of cosmopolitan attitude, feeding the creative process of writing its history. 

At last, a space where you don't need to control the urge to compulsively talk, think and live bachata.

Step-tap into it!

Bianka Francyne

Founding Editor in Chief

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