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Here you will find information about Festivals & Congresses across the world.

Click on the event link to get more information on its official website.​

Ω Some events are advertised as Salsa Festivals/Congresses but are also dedicated to Bachata

Know about an event that is not yet published here? Email me and I'll include it for you:




Suave Dance Festival  >  Paris-FRANCE


Sydney Latin Festival  >  Sydney-AUSTRALIA



The Unity of Dance Festival  >  Orlando, FL, UNITED STATES


Latvian Sensual Dance Festival " On The Wave"  >  Riga, LATVIA


MamboCity's 5Star London Salsa Congress  >  London, UNITED KINGDOM


Palladium Voyage - International Salsa Festival Bremen  >  Bremen, GERMANY


On 2 salsa Congress  >  Milan, ITALY


Fanta Dance Festival  >  Sofia, BULGARIA


Sabor Spring Festival  >  Zagreb, CROATIA


Timbachata - Festival Internacional de Timba y Bachata  >  Palmas de Gran Canaria, SPAIN


Limburg Bachata, Zouk and Kizomba Festival  >  Limburg, NETHERLANDS


Limburg Salsa Festival  >  Limburg, NETHERLANDS


International Salsa Festival Augsburg  >  Augsburg, GERMANY


Feeling Kizomba Festival  >  Madrid, SPAIN


Tallinn-Stockholm Salsa Cruise  >  Tallinn, ESTONIA


Atlanta Int'l Bachata Festival  >  Atlanta, GA, UNITED STATES


Algeciras Baila  >  Algeciras, SPAIN


Dominican Republic Bachata Festival  >  Santo Domingo, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC


Connecticut Salsa Fest  >  Stamford, CT, UNITED STATES


Bachata Weekend  >  Vila Nova de Gaia, PORTUGAL


AfroLatin Flow  >  Helsinki, FINLAND


Africa Salsa Congress  >  Abidjan, COTE D'IVOIRE


Helsinki AfroLatin Flow  >  Helsinki, FINLAND


Energyweek  >  Famagusta, CYPRUS


NZ Pacific Salsa Congress  >  Wellington, NEW ZEALAND


MurciaFusion & Bachata Open  >  Murcia, SPAIN


Festival International Bordeaux Open Salsa  >  Bordeaux, FRANCE


Bachata Dance Festival Bachatu  >  Boca Chica, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC







Istanbul International Dance Festival  >  Istanbul-TURKEY


The Salsa SunFEST  >  Malaga-SPAIN


Melbourne Latin Festival  >  Melbourne-AUSTRALIA


International Warsaw Kizomba Festival  >  Warsaw-POLAND


Antwerp Diamond Salsa Congress  >  Antwerp-BELGIUM


Kings of Bachata: The greatest french bachata congress  >  Le Mans-FRANCE


Bachata Festival Stuttgart  >  Stuttgart-GERMANY


BachataFestival  >  Savona-ITALY


Arcos Baila  >  Arcos de la Frontera-SPAIN


Amigo Fest  >  Samara-RUSSIA


Toronto Salsa Festival  >  Toronto-CANADA


Baila Baila Salsa Festival  >  Helsinki-FINLAND


Sydney International Bachata Festival  >  Sydney-AUSTRALIA


Sexy & 2 Sensual Latin Dance Festival Austria  >  Mattersburg-AUSTRIA


Münster Salsa Deluxe Int. Festival >  Munster-GERMANY


International Cuban Salsa Festival Dias Cubanos  >  Noordwijkerhout-NETHERLANDS


Krasnodar Salsa Festival  >  Krasnodar-RUSSIA


Teesside Latin Dance Festival  >  Middlesbrough-UNITED KINGDOM



Warsaw Summer Salsa & Kizomba Festival  >  Warsaw-POLAND

Summer Salsa Weekender  >  Wigan-UNITED KINGDOM 

Salsa Festival Frankfurt  > Frankfurt am Main-GERMANY

Mambo (On2) Festival Munich  >  Munich-GERMANY

Nordic Salsa Camp  >  Brandbjerg-DENMARK

India International Dance Congress  >  Bangalore-INDIA

Salsafestival Thüringen Bad  >  Lobenstein-GERMANY

Salsa Beach Splash Festival  >  Šibenik-CROATIA

Freiburg Salsa Festival  >  Freiburg im Breisgau-GERMANY

Salsa Dance Summer Festival  >  Portorož-SLOVENIA

Freiburg Salsa Festival  >  Freiburg-GERMANY

Salsa Dance Festival  >  Portschach-AUSTRIA

San Francisco International Bachata Festival  >  San Francisco, UNITED STATES

Festival "Step in Dance"  >  Biarritz-FRANCE


Summer Salsa Mambo Festival  >  Palm Springs-UNITED STATES

Tampere Salsa Festival  >  Tampere-FINLAND





SalSensual Costa Brava  >  Roses-SPAIN

Clave Latina Festival  >  London-UNITED KINGDOM


Cubalunya - St. Cyprien Salsa Festival  >  Saint-Cyprien-FRANCE


Tallahassee Latin Dance Festival  >  Tallahassee, FL-UNITED STATES


Riga Salsa Festival  >  Riga-LATVIA


Japan Bachata Festival  >  Tokyo-JAPAN


Washington DC Salsa Congress  >  Washington, DC-UNITED STATES

Helsinki AfroLatin Flow  >  Helsinki-FINLAND 

Riga Salsa Festival  >  Riga-LATVIA

Summer SBK Festival  >  Wrocław-POLAND

Finland International Bachata & Kizomba Festival  >  Tampere-FINLAND

Latino Festival Urbano  >  Prague-CZECH REPUBLIC

​​​International Bachata Weekender  >  Oslo-NORWAY

Exkisensations Festival  >  Le Mans-FRANCE


Portland Salsa Congress  >  Portland, OR-UNITED STATES


Tijuana Salsa Bachata Congress  >  Tijuana-MEXICO


St Louis International Dance Festival  >  St. Louis, MO-UNITED STATES


Universal Latin Championship Open  >  St. Louis, MO-UNITED STATES


Salsa Dance Dayz  >  Dusseldorf-GERMANY


Salsa School Ireland  >  Dublin-IRELAND


Hungarian Summer Salsa Festival  >  Siófok-HUNGARY


Latino Festiwal - Jedrzejow  >  Kielce-POLAND

Summer Sensual Days  >  Rovinj-CROATIA

Croatian Summer Salsa Festival  >  Rovinj-CROATIA

Sweden Dance  >  Västervik-SWEDEN

White Nights Salsa Fest  >  Saint Petersburg-RUSSIA

Salsa Stras' Festival  >  Strasbourg-FRANCE

Bizkaisalsa  >  Bilbao-SPAIN





Super Salsa Festival  >  Brussels-BELGIUM


Calgary International Salsa Congress  >  Calgary-CANADA


Scandinavian Salsa Congress  >  Gothenburg-SWEDEN








Bachata Congress Berlin  >  Berlin-GERMANY



DMAES Summer Bootcamp  > Vila Nova de Gaia-PORTUGAL

Estonian Salsa Summercamp  >  Tallinn-ESTONIA


CubaMiSalsa Cyprus  >  Limassol-CYPRUS 


Salsa Bonanza  >  Cork-IRELAND


Chim Pum Callao Congress  >  Niagara Falls, NY-UNITED STATES


Pune International Dance Congress  >  Pune-INDIA


Vama Veche Salsa Week  >  Cazare-ROMANIA 


Basel Festival  >  Basel-SWITZERLAND


Salsa Festival Chemnitz - La Palma  >  Chemnitz-GERMANY 

DC Bachata Congress  >  Washington, DC-UNITED STATES

Cuban Salsa Festival  >  Koper-SLOVENIA

Boise Salsa Bachata Congress  >  Boise, ID-UNITED STATES

International Bachata Festival Bachaturo  >  Warsaw-POLAND

Baltic Latino Congress  >  Riga-LATVIA

Asia Latin Music & Salsa Festival  >  Seoul-SOUTH KOREA

Adelaide Salsa Festival  >  Adelaide-AUSTRALIA

Salsa West on Beach 2nd Mission  >  Rivedoux-Plage-FRANCE

New York International Salsa Congress  >  New York City, NY-UNITED STATES

San Diego Salsa-Bachata Festival  >  San Diego, CA-UNITED STATES


Boston Salsa Festival  >  Boston, MA-UNITED STATES


Albuquerque Latin Dance Festival  >  Albuquerque, NM-UNITED STATES


Bachata Beach Festival  >  Zandvoort-NETHERLANDS)

2nd Annual New Zealand Bachata Festival  >  Christchurch-NEW ZELAND





Salsa Festival International de Marrakech  >  Marrakech-MOROCCO


Lyon Salsa Congress  >  Lyon-FRANCE


Grand Canyon Salsa Festival  >  Flagstaff, AZ-UNITED STATES


Porto Alegre Salsa Congress  >  Porto Alegre-BRAZIL

KIFE - Kizomba Italian Festival Event  >  Trieste-ITALY


The UK Dance Congress  >  Bognor Regis-UNITED KINGDOM


Los Angeles Bachata Kizomba Salsa Festival  >  Irvine, CA-UNITED STATES


Latinfest Weekender  >  Torquay-UNITED KINGDOM


Tallinn Latin Festival  >  Tallinn-ESTONIA

Afro Cuban Salsa Fiesta  >  Mundesley-UNITED KINGDOM


Salsamemucho  >  Shanghai-CHINA


Salsa Convention St. Gallen  >  St. Gallen-SWITZERLAND 


Holland Bachata Mini Festival  >  Hoofddorp-NETHERLANDS 


Dubai International Dance Festival  >  Dubai-UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 

Dallas Salsa Congress  >  Dallas, TX-UNITED STATES

Angoulême Salsa Festival  >  Angoulême-FRANCE

Festival "Step in Dance"  >  Paris-FRANCE

Barbados Latin Festival  >  Bridgetown-BARBADOS


Bachat'eire  >  Dublin-IRELAND





Paradise Dance Festival  >  Palm Harbor, FL-UNITED STATES


 USA BachataKizomba Festival  >  New Jersey, NJ-UNITED STATES


Berlin Salsa Congress  >  Berlin-GERMANY


Washington DC Sawa Sawa Kizomba Festival  >  Washington, DC-UNITED STATES


St. Louis Salsa Congress  >  St. Louis, MO-UNITED STATES


Sicilia Salsa Festival  >  Taormina-ITALY


Canada Salsa & Bachata Congress  >  Toronto-CANADA


Tucson Salsa Bachata Dance Festival  >  Tucson, AZ-UNITED STATES


AfroLatin Dance Festival in Egypt  >  Cairo-EGYPT

Canada Salsa Congress  >  Toronto-CANADA

Salsa Clubbing Salzburg 2013  >  Salzburg,-AUSTRIA

Afro-Bailar Prague Festival  >  Prague-CZECH REPUBLIC


Tucson Salsa Bachata Dance Festival  >  Tucson, AZ-UNITED STATES


AfroLatin Dance Festival in Egypt  >  Cairo-EGYPT


Salsa Power Festival  >  Ljubljana-SOLVENIA

Bachata me mucho!  >  Munich-GERMANY

Canberra Latin Dance Festival  >  Canberra, AUSTRALIA


Dallas International Bachata Festival  >  Dallas, TX-UNITED STATES


International Salsa Kings Festival  >  Strasbourg-FRANCE 


San Francisco Halloween iSemba  >  San Francisco, CA-UNITED STATES

Mzansi Cape Town Salsa Festival  >  Cape Town-SOUTH AFRICA





Russian Bachata Festival & Salsa Room  >  St Petersburg-RUSSIA

Manila + Boracay Latin Dance Festival  >  Manila-PHILIPPINES


Uni Salsa Camp  >  Regensburg-GERMANY


Aventura Dance Cruise  >  Miami, FL-UNITED STATES


Cape Town Salsa Festival South Africa  >  Cape Town-SOUTH AFRICA


Garmisch-Partenkirchen Salsa Festival  >  Garmisch-GERMANY


Carthagosalsa  >  Cartagena-SPAIN


Paris Bachata Festival  >  Paris-FRANCE


Vienna Salsa Congress  >  Vienna-AUSTRIA


Bachata Festival Munich  >  Munich-GERMANY

9th Tallinn Salsa Festival  >  Tallinn-ESTONIA


II Festival Internacional de Bachata y Mambo de Madrid  >  Madrid-SPAIN


Kizomba Milano International Festival  >  Milan-ITALY


Salsa Festival Düsseldorf  >  Düsseldorf-GERMANY


DwF Christmas  >  Singapore-SINGAPORE



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