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BachataB was born out of my desire to be more deeply involved with bachata. It got to a point where dancing was not enough. Being born and raised in the countryside south of Brazil, I have been influenced by lyrics and melodies also originated from bolero. To me those songs targeting the undereducated mass and often labeled as corny were an ode to life, as passionate and often troubled and frustrating as life can be - after all, it is all about dancing your way out the best you can. It softens the body and soul hardened by the modern way of life, reviving the simplicity engraved in everyone's DNA. It reconnects to earth. It takes you back home, wherever home is.

BachataB’s mission is to inspire and motivate the immersion into the bachata world. Whether you’re a researcher or showbiz personality, a professional dancer or just an admirer at the edge of the dance floor. 

I welcome all communication and encourage everybody to participate. Feel free to forward any comments, questions, suggestions or requests.

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Step-tap into it!

Bianka Francyne

Founding Editor in Chief



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