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This site will be launched on May 30th

​BachataB will be launched on May 30th 2013 as a tribute to José Manuel Calderón who exactly 51 years earlier recorded the first Bachata in the studios of Radiotelevisión Dominicana with Borracho de Amor and Condena on May 30th 1962.​

Combining style and passion for all things Bachata with a contemporary approach, BachataB is a one-of-a-kind online magazine with a hint of cosmopolitan attitude. It is a vehicle that presents the Bachata universe in a particular perspective.

Stay tuned for articles, videos, news, music, fashion, classes, night scene, lifestyle, events, socials, festivals, interviews and more.

At last, a space where you don't need to control the urge to compulsively talk, think and live Bachata.

Step-tap into it!

Bianka Francyne

Founding Editor in Chief

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